Friday, October 9, 2015

Time to start the walk

Bellagio (118)I don’t know what happened to my first post. I put it online right after midnight on the 9th, and then started playing with the blog layout; adding gadgets and such.  Then I went to bed around 1:00 am.  I came over here to see how the new gadgets were working in mid-afternoon, and NOTHING except the photo. It might not have been the best post I have ever written, very likely it was a little stiff, but I was proud that after 18 months of silence I’d finally picked up my pen again.  I am sorry; to those that might have come by for a visit, please know I will try again to write something similar.  All those that know me, know I write off the top of my head often leaving out words and making you suffer through misspells and typos as my thoughts flow faster than I am able to type, so recreating equal is next to impossible for me.  But I will try.

I write again:  Today (the 9th) is the 3 anniversary of Camillo’s death.  I have had moments of sadness, and moment of gladness, but through the past 3 years I have not been writing nor taking photos.  Now I will try again to start noting my thoughts; sending them out into cyberspace; hoping to share with you the process, the ups and downs, and the gradual acceptance that happens with time.  (only the first sentence is like the first post – I go with my flow and will catch the other ideas over time).

I am hoping that my thoughts will move very quickly from the past 3 years and into thoughts and feeling of now, and plans for the future.  If I sound stuck, tell me.  prod and poke and question until I move myself forward and this blogs morphs into something we can all enjoy.

Write to me.  I look forward to your thoughts.


  1. Hiya Ginger. Good to see you back. I did see the original post, but didn't get round to a comment until now.

    I've not posted on my own blog as often as I used to.
    Various reasons. Also had some similar problems with the blog too; sometimes posts don't always show on other peoples 'follow' list. I just dip in and out now.
    Best wishes.

  2. I have found it hard to write since being back, too, and that's without the loss that preceded your move back here. My poor blog is mostly neglected these days, but I will visit you here and maybe you'll push me to write more, too.

    1. In both our cases our blog were primarly about writing home. Speaking english, being able to THINK in English. That just isn't needed now. But the need to just think and to exspress ourselves is still needed. .... But you have so many daily happenings that (at least to me) are useful to talk about. Your growing children, the challenges of your baby, your challenges have not stopped just because we are no longer "xpats". What do do to counter the negative feedback your boys receive everyday. That topic alone could fill a book. Facebook is quick and easy but doesn't give you time to beef up the thought. Great about your quilts by the way.

  3. Hi Ginger. I happened to be going through my reading list and doing a bit of cleaning up, and noticed you've recently started over here... Nice to see you again! :)