Friday, October 9, 2015

Time to start the walk

Bellagio (118)I don’t know what happened to my first post. I put it online right after midnight on the 9th, and then started playing with the blog layout; adding gadgets and such.  Then I went to bed around 1:00 am.  I came over here to see how the new gadgets were working in mid-afternoon, and NOTHING except the photo. It might not have been the best post I have ever written, very likely it was a little stiff, but I was proud that after 18 months of silence I’d finally picked up my pen again.  I am sorry; to those that might have come by for a visit, please know I will try again to write something similar.  All those that know me, know I write off the top of my head often leaving out words and making you suffer through misspells and typos as my thoughts flow faster than I am able to type, so recreating equal is next to impossible for me.  But I will try.

I write again:  Today (the 9th) is the 3 anniversary of Camillo’s death.  I have had moments of sadness, and moment of gladness, but through the past 3 years I have not been writing nor taking photos.  Now I will try again to start noting my thoughts; sending them out into cyberspace; hoping to share with you the process, the ups and downs, and the gradual acceptance that happens with time.  (only the first sentence is like the first post – I go with my flow and will catch the other ideas over time).

I am hoping that my thoughts will move very quickly from the past 3 years and into thoughts and feeling of now, and plans for the future.  If I sound stuck, tell me.  prod and poke and question until I move myself forward and this blogs morphs into something we can all enjoy.

Write to me.  I look forward to your thoughts.